Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Let's All Welcome Her :)

My Dear Sister, Cherry ..has entered the blogosphere :)

Let's All Welcome Her and Wish Her The Best Blogging Experience.

My sister is the kind of person who holds things up in her mind, but she sure has alot to say in this blog! I think that she made this blog to rebel or speak more freely. (Actually I dont think, I know because she told me).

I really like her blog's name "Aywa Ana". It is really very simplistic yet bold. Typical Cherry :)

You would notice that she too refers to me in her blog :)..ya3ny el O7'woa wel Sadaqah!

In real life, we are VERY SIMILAR and VERY's the same in our blogs. I relate to everything she is saying, but I won't write it myself.

Now that this free publicity & marketing campaign is over, I wish you enjoy her blog :)

P.S: I intentionally made three links to her blog..I hope she doesn't kill me!

1 comment:

Deeeeeee said...

Welcome aboard Cherrrrrrrrrrrry!! EL BLOGOSPHERE NAWWAR!:D