Friday, November 02, 2007

فقرة الكرتون

Did anybody watch kids shows when they were (much) younger? The ones that were on in the early morning when they brought a lady talking to a what seemed to be a bunch of retarded kids?Asking everyone about their hobby and what they like to do in the summer and that they have to help mamy and babi out?
And the ones with Mama Nagwa & Bo2loz? And 3arsoty, the one where there was some kind of competition and kids won prizes or something like that?

I have to tell you that I HATED THOSE TV SHOWS..I only watched them because I had no choice..I only watched them because of the"Faqret el kartone"..

They always had the "faqret el kartone", no matter what was the show..I couldn't care less about what the lady was talking about, nor wether that little kid likes to draw or that little girl likes to braid barbie's hair..JUST PUT ON THE CARTOON!!

I used to wait and wait for the lady to say " w delwa2ty a7baby el so3'ar ma3dana ma3 faqret el kartone.."
"heeeeeeeeeeeeeh!! :D:D yarab teb2a 7aga men betoo3 disney", I thought to myself.

Every time I watched these shows and waited for the cartoon i had the same disappointment:
They always put the cartoon from the middle and they always cut it before it ends.That is of course ignoring the fact that they were only 3 or 4 cartoons that they had to repeat all the time..ALL THE TIME!

I mean what is the point of watching a chase between tom & jerry if I didnt know how did it end? What is the point of watching a Pluto's ordeal with that squirrel if I didnt know what got on his nerves in the first place..why dont they show the whole thing?WHY!!

It was very humiliating and disrespectful. I mean I was a kid yes, But I felt I was being taken lightly by older people..I felt that it was not important what I liked...Do they really think that kids like the actual show more than the cartoons? 7aga te3assab fe3lan!

And the "tetr" in the beginning and the end of the show always showed a lot of snapshots from cartoons: Mickey, Donald, Goofy, Snowhite, Sleeping Beauty..this sends a message to kids that "we have all these cartoons available and we are going to put them on if you watched the show"
They never did :(.

Menhom Lellah ba2a..Menhom Lellaaah!!
They crushed my childhood expectations :(

P.S: I Googled "mama nagwa" & here is what I found! Interesting!


ahmed said...

bas ya gjoe kano bygeebo 7al2at kamla bardo tom & jerry w captain maged w mazenger w grendizer w donald duck
yaaaaaaaaaaah kant ayam helwa walahy P.S: ana men fatra kont banzl 7al2at grendizer w bashoofha :D

gjoe said...

aywa sa7 kanet beteegy..bass kanet beteegy lewa7daha mesh gowa el pernameg..
Tab faker ayyam Ninja Turtles w Boogi w TamTam? konna dayman nel3ab role-playing bel ninga turtles dool. w kont dayman bat7'ane2 fel madrsa enny 3ayza ab2a ana Donatelo 3ashan kan azka wa7ed :)
Men yoomy :P

Fadfadation said...

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HagoO said...

Btw ana kont tal3a ma3 mama samia fi 3arosty twice and I played a gamed ther. Just stop spoiling my childhood memories, a few days ago u ruined my cutest princess Ariel and now u made me hate mama samia's show, u made me think I was a fool for watching the episode to see this cut cartoon :'(