Friday, July 27, 2007

Current Mood: Zeft

So, my sister didnt pass this year. (again).Not that i blame her or anything.She did her best. I just feel sorry for her and i dont know how on earth is going to go through this whole experience again.

My Graduation Project Supervisor called me a couple of days ago. He wants us to do a presentation infront of some guy from the higher ministry of eduction. He also wants us to deploy our graduation project where it should be working;so that people would make use of it.Sounds great right?

Well Its not.First of all our graduaion project was doomed by many phenomenal events of bad luck and a series of unfortunate events. So it is not any thing near complete and Can not by any means be deployed. Second of all..Deploying the system would mean the team (those available) would gather up and work. That sure brings alot of tiresome memories.
Finally, just copying the project from one computer to another would take not less than 5 days. Thats excluding any improvements to be made on it.Wasting time from 5 to 10 days on the GP in my vacation makes me sick.
Simply Put: I hate my GP and hate the idea of working on it again.


cesario said...

hey,it seems really hard going back to the graduation project part, but maybe something good will come out of this whole thing, who knows?
Yalla, cheer up shewaya, isA Rabena hayostor.

I'm sorry about your sister, tell her to hang in there, college is a nightmare, but will be over isA.

Deeeeeee said...

Well, since you know how much I love college.. is there no way out? Second of all, my condolences for the repeated experience.. you know better than I do its all part of a cosmic plan, just don't make her feel bad about it,play as if its totally normal (and it is, when you're majoring engineering). Your graduation project was a whole lot of 'hidden' fun for me!:P But I remember how annoying it was for you, if there is a way out find it, and if not.. good luck!! I just can't see cesario's point in 'not wanting to go back to her GP!' and if you need any help (2al ya3ni I know any oracle)... I'd love to help.. and since there's a big chance I'll be around your place keteer.. :D :D

gjoe said...

Thanks Mate! isA Rabbena yostor..i get tummy aches remembering those days..but who knows fe3lan(btw, that's the only reason i didnt fite back the supervisor's proposal..i have a hunch that something good will happen)

De(alot of e's):

My sis is good at acting normal.I just hope she is botteling things up!I reaaaaally am looking forward of the chance of u being arnd..isA tetem 3ala 7'eer!

Redzo said...

first of all i'm sorry about ur sister ... rabbena yewaffa2ha ins el sana el gayya ... but plz tell her to NOT DO HER BEST Again ... as u said she did her best ... tell he to PASS and NOT DO HER BEST