Wednesday, July 04, 2007

4th of July.

me: ana 7assah enny ha2fel 3eeny w affata7aha w 2aly nafsy 3andy talateen sana

dad: definitely.

me: w a3'ammad 3eeny w affata7aha tany ala2y nafsy arba3een.

dad: That happens too!

me: tab w ba3deen ? :)

dad: you better keep your eyes shut for a while.


So today, other than being a national vacation in the US, it happened to be my graduation project presentation. It didn't go as expected. Or did it? Anyways..The results came out fine el7amdolellah although there was ALOT of unfairness..There was a wide variation of grades within the group so we couldn't really celebrate..It doesn't matter now..It's over! It's out of my system :D

Graduating has been a an exciting and agonizing phase in my life..Every day for the past month i had both REALLLY BAD days..and REAALLLY HAPPY days..It was hysterical..

Am glad that i survived through college..
Am both excited and scared about what's next
Am having this weird feeling of "ana 7assa enny waraya 7aga"



Fadfadation said...

Mabrouk :)

Mak said...

hey... mabrouk.

You're going to have this feeling of "waraya 7aga" for some time. But not having to go to classes or study sure is the best thing that could happen to anyone after so many years of study and exams.