Saturday, July 19, 2008

Quick Movie Review

I never thought that the day would come in which I would tear up in an Ahmed Helmy movie. I loved it! If you ever go, don't judge the movie till its end. Even at the break you would feel that the movie hasn't started yet. At first,You get a few laughs, the usual ahmed-helmy feel, but you really wish from your heart that they start the damn movie. I remember whispering to my sister "Ana mesh 3arfa howa esm el film aasef 3ala el ez3ag leh, dah mafeesh ez3ag 7'ales fel film le daraget ennoh lessa mabada2sh!".

Bass it all starts when you go get your coke refill in the break and sit down for the second half..An an an aaaan!

Waiting for The Dark Knight :)


zekry said...

enty ezzay 3agbak el film da!!!!!!
el film da mesh aktar men eno stupid adaptation le academy award winner film (mesh ha2ool esm el film 3shan ma a7r2oosh lely lessa ma shafoosh)
plus en el film moml awy 7ata b3d el an an aaaa
w tab3an lazm el nehaya el sa3eeda
the only good thing in this film is acting bas bardo ma yghteesh 3la 3yoob el film el kteer

gjoe said...

So you are still frustrated about happy endings in arabic movies? 3'areeba!

and yes i said it was momel shwaya..bass bardo it is nice and i liked it!

3ala el 3omoom e7'telaf weghat el nazar is expected!

Hawk said...

I liked it.. I know it has no originality at all.. but I liked it.. anyway, it's an adaptation for a hybrid adaptation to a real story flavored by the spirit of Chekhov's writings in general..
I like all those things.. so why should I hate the movie???!!
Of course, I have no respect for the "so-called" writer of the movie at the same time!!

Anonymous said...

Saw it based on this review. I agree with hawk :) Saw Dark Night... long but has it's moments of brilliance.

gjoe said...

Excellent! =)
Glad you did!

I saw Dark Knight too and I LOVED IT and would not mind to see it again.