Monday, July 14, 2008

On the first day of Christmas,

Warning: This is a blog post that might make you think: huh?!

These are some stuff I learned a couple of days ago:
- Good Traffic is not always a good thing.
- Sometimes you need to live "around the edge".
- I need air-headed friends. 7aga keda style "Clueless" or I-wish-I-had-brains kinda people.
- How it feels to sing "12 Days of Christmas" at the top of your longs, while the heat of July is slapping your face because your friend is enjoying 6th October bridge el fady.
- Wondering what it would feel if we make faces at people at the other side of the 6th October Bridge just to make them feel worse that they are stuck at traffic and we are not.
- There is a one letter difference between Died and Diet.
- One good thing about you being dead, you don't need to do a diet, the weight will drop off any way.
- There is a subtle relationship between Micheal Jackson and a famous Egyptian Celebrity.
- The best selling song of all times according to Nile FM is: "A little less conversation". It is about 12 tam long. (tam= Turns Around elMedan)
- Jean-Pierre hates 7'aled Mattar. There are also many hate groups on facebook.
-7'aled mattar has a very unique fake British accent. You cAnt miss.
- If I ever applied to American Idol, I would probably be one of those who would crack you up laughing while wondering why do some people love to make a joke out of themselves on international TV. I will lose all the way.No matter what I sing, even if it is as slow as "I cant get no- sat -is -fact -ion". And I will lose, no matter what I wear, whether it is a cowboy-ish outfit or like a ballerina. and I will lose when I try to match the two styles together.
- There is exactly 45 steps between Spinneys and Compume. Going back and forth between them both is not very interesting, unlesss you like to annoy people who work there.
Me(asking a CompuMe staff): Law sama7ty, 3andoko gift certificates?
Me: Then why are you following us?
- I have too many purposes for living. They all fit perfectly. And it is starting to get on my nerves. Complaining is not one of them though.
- Sometimes getting a gift for a newly wed friend who is very flexible and would be glad if you got her something as cheerful as cookies AND having 2 very practical,cut-the-crap shoppers to help you out is not as easy as it sounds.


zekry said...

la2 fe3lan el post da khalany afkar :D
w mesh ay tafkeer ya3ny da tafkeer 3amee2 gedan
bas ana bakhtlf ma3aky fe en "Good Traffic is not always a good thing."
en cobry 6 october yeb2a fady da 7adth tareekhy mesh moshkla enko teghano "12 Days of Christmas" fe july
law el 7adth da 7asl fel sheta i'll sing "akhr ayam el sayfeya" :P

gjoe said...

La2 ma3lesh, lamma te3mel 7esabak 3ala bad traffic w tewsal badry noss sa3a, fa tetar ennak tellef 7awaleen el medan 12 laffa 3ala mal o3'nya te7'las..that is not good!

zekry said...

keda el 2moor b2at make sense aktar :D
ana ma kontsh fahm 7ewar laf el medan da el zaher eny ma fakrtsh kways :D

jessyz said...

Lovely! I needed the laughs, I already think too much on my own. And you do have to try making faces at people or wave at random strangers, it is so funny when they get confused.

Deeeeeee said...

Loool! Fakarteeni belathi mada 3aleih yomein!

Hint to readers: Billy Jean is not my love! :P

Cesario said...

After a couple of spins around the medan, I was ready to throw up, but luckily for Khaled Matar's hilarious fake accent, I was distracted.
Fun days :D

Hawk said...

LOOOOOOOL @ making faces @ ppl stuck at the other side of the 6th October bridge..

I recalled a scene from South Park where all the little guys were entertaining themselves by sticking their faces to the glass of a cancer treatment center, and making faces @ those who receive the treatment!!!