Tuesday, July 08, 2008

The Secret? More Like The Crap

You know how this movie/book "The Secret" divided people into strictly strong believers of the concept behind it and others into believers of the fact this is just a load of crap? I belong to the second group of people. Allak laws of attraction aal.

Actually the basic idea is quite "impressive" if I must say. You could easily "fall for it": Think positively about what you want, surrender to the universe,(some crap about raising our consciousness level ), then POOF!, the "universe" will send you what you asked for.
Let it be a job, a car, a child, a wife, love or even a cup of coffee. The universe will send it to you.
What do we say in arabic? مكنش حد غلب
Then to patch all the holes in the story, and to defend their mechanism against people who say it doesn't work. They go on and tell you how you must not ask for something in "I WANT IT I WANT IT I WANT IT" way, but rather in one cool strong "I WANT IT" and then stop worrying about it. tab3an tab3an. Then you should try to love yourself, and forgive others while your at it. If it doesn't work? Then you have to let it go..don't wait for it to happen..inhale..forgive..exhale..thats' right.See..just a couple of years and hard work, and the job you've always wanted will come crawling to your feet.

The only thing I agree with and it is definitely something many people had told us about and it is not exclusive to the book is: The power of positive thinking. That is not a secret. We all know that. We all know that positive thinking makes you more content about yourself. We all know that positive thinking will help you even see the good in whatever bad goes your way.

I know that "the secret" is exposed and it is already old by now. But I was lazily watching a re-run for Oprah yesterday and it got on my nerves seeing all these PhD attained women so full of themselves selling this crap to people. Every time I see Oprah I remember why I wasn't watching for a long time.


Lasto-adri *Blue* said...

i think "The secret" is crap as well
and its enough to read 1 chapter to understand the rest..

what goes around, comes around..
old saying.. a true thing sometimes, but can't be taken as a rule...

there is fate.. and destiny.. and few trials in between depending on your "e5las"..

gjoe said...

sa7 keda, it can't be taken as a rule 7'ales!!