Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The 5 Things

The 5 things I want to change about myself:

1- My complaining rate
2- My continuous fear from the future
3- My laziness
4- My inconsistent/self-contradicting attitude
5- My time wasting habits

The 5 things people tell me to change:
1- My aggressiveness
2- My short-termed memory loss.
3- My attention span
4- My selfishness
5- My inconsistent/self-contradicting attitude

The 5 things I want to keep:

1- My determination
2- My sense of humor.
3- My healthy diet habits
4- My big dreams
5- My faith/religious beliefs

The 5 things people say I must keep:

1- My determination
2- My creativity
3- My smile.
4- My ability to support/help someone to regain hope in themselves
5- N/A


zekry said...

keep ur short-termed memory

Hawk said...

Zekry has a bad habit of using ppl's Doriness
[Doriness as in Dory]!!
Our friend Ayman has always been his favorite victim..

gjoe said...