Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Speaking of traffic

Starting Friday 1/8/2008, Egyptian traffic nightmares will be history!Apparently, Egyptian geniuses had this one thought out really well. The best way to overcome bad traffic is to perform a make-over to the old one..and here you go! Stricter rules, higher penalties, and overrated punishments seemed to be the best things they came up with. For example, no parking second line is allowed and those who do so, will be extremely punished. Well, It is rather annoying that people park their cars and pack up streets like that, but I seriously don't think they have any choice. Another example is having first aid boxes that must be available in cars all time. Yes that's right, that will solve the problem. I don't underestimate the importance of first-aid in emergency cases, but what I am saying is that we are not in a culture that was raised to know the basic rules of first aid. I know I don't. Maybe I should, but still that won't solve the problem.
Then once again el7ezam! That is given the assumption that cars move any faster than 30 Km/hr.

On a deeper level, giving helpless traffic regulators officers the power to threaten the people with tickets that are worth thousands of egyptian pounds, is a very disturbing thought. I believe it encourages bribery and blackmail. We all know exactly how the new law is going to be practiced. We will rather hear a lot more "koll sana wenta tayeb ya beeh".


sama said...

i think they r strictly emposing the first aid thing..cause they know ppl won't stop having accidents..despite the new law least they'll help ppl (A)

gjoe said...

Good Point!

nousha said...

I wonder who got the license of the first aid kit that they anounced. Their specs were very specific.

Anonymous said...

To be honest...I'm not convinced this is going to make any difference whatsoever habibti.
Kalam Fadi

gjoe said...

I heard a guy making fun of that kit saying that even ambulances are not equipped with them! LOL