Wednesday, July 16, 2008

And one more thing!

I forgot to mention that Dee knows Spinneys by heart (walla was it like her first name?). El mohem she strolls around the aisles like it is home and she actually knows where each and every section is. She knows which fridges work best and have the coldest water, and which are safe to keep in her Fairoz sodas so that she could come back later to get them when they are cold. Dee actually referred to Spinneys as "El Dar Amaan". She might not know all the staff though. But I think she deliberately does not want to either! Whenever you are in Spinneys, there is a 72% chance that you would bump into Dee.. (At least I did).

I remember that day I bumped into her fe Spinneys! We had a job fair held by faculties of computers and information from all Egypt, many graduates came from all over to drop in their CVs and have stand-up interviews. It was held in the intercontinental City Stars. We were all excited about it w beta3. I then went with a friend to check for laptops (3ashan 7'alas ba2a keberna w bet3ona enharo men el misuse), when I bumped into Dee in her Jeans w kanet lessa me7'allasa "The Simpsons" w ra7et tegeeb Fairoz bardo. Ironically, Dee was the first to get a job (that she hated later) in our dof3a!



Deeeeeee said...

Loooooooooool! Ya fedje7tchi!

Next time we go, I'll show you what I don't like about there!

gjoe said...

el 3abaya?