Friday, January 18, 2008

Garfield For President

Last May during my finals,I discovered; which made me almost fail my project management subject(how ironic). I spent more than 80% of my internet time on it. Not everyone likes comics and not everyone gets its sense of humor.At first, I didn't really get it either. But after a short while, I got the hang of it and literally adored it. For sometime, I started to talk like them.I even thought of creating my own comical series based on true characters I've met (a.k.a friends). I would be the main character with no doubt of it. I'll be the funniest, prettiest,most intelligent and an internet addict. This is not a wild exaggeration of the truth.I have a drafted mycomic.txt file on my PC where I sketched the main characters. But nothing more.
The reason why people don't get comics is that they expect to laugh at them. Cherry is always like "ana mesh 3arfa enty eh elly 3agbek fel comics deh, mafeehash ayy 7aga teda7ak".

Well, she is right. Comics are not jokes. They are just...comics. They are just light humor; its like a part of a good conversation, where someone is too smart, too stupid, too tired, too short, too late, too lazy,too fat..and so on.Somehow you would relate to a certain comics character, or you know someone who for example is as a workaholic as Dilbert.

My dear friend, Dee, is also a fan of comics. But she is specifically a fan of Garfield. She checks Garfield on daily basis. She is convinced that her horoscope is Garfield ( meaning that somehow, the Garfield daily strip, captures her today mood,or a current situation).
I am specifically a fan of Dilbert. I check on daily basis. Dilbert is my horoscope only its a week late. (meaning, that somehow, the Dilbert daily strip captures my week-old mood or a week-old situation).

Now if Dee and I are talking about comics, there are only 2 persons in the world who can understand what on earth are we talking about; and these are :Dee and I.(e.g. The title of the post.)

Here is my ranked list of my fave comics.It is variable to change, but Dilbert is left untouched!

1- Dilbert

2-Moderately Confused



5-Andy Capp

6-That's Life

If I was 5 years younger, I know I would have been a fan of snoopy. But I grew out of it without even passing through a snoopy-stage.It doesn't matter now. I have Dilbert :)

P.S: just vote for Garfield.

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