Friday, January 04, 2008

والناس في عز البرد يجروا و يستخبوا

وأنا متنيلا على عيني قعدة باذاكر درس بدرسه

It's terribly cold and all I want is, some free time without guilt, a good movie and my beloved بطانية


Roza said...

7'alaaaaaaaaassssss its over now....not for ever but at least for 2 weeks :)))

u can go for ur beloved بطانية
now :D...hope u enjoy the vacation G-jooooe

gjoe said...

Yes Roza!! Its Over Finally :D
I havent been this RELAXED in a month now!

Xero said...

bataneya and a good movie we kobayet shay belaban ,this is one of my wildest dreams right now :D

ps. who said that fish swim aimlessly ??

gjoe said...

well, ommal beyroo7oh feen?Water is all around, food is also widely available. There are not much places to go if you are a fish. =)

Xero said...

there is , away from the big fish that eats the small ones .
and if the fish is the big one then it'll go where the small fish is :P