Wednesday, January 02, 2008

نوم الظالم

Who ever came up with such an expression? I find it strangely funny. I mean, imagine a person is so evil that it is considered worshiping just to be harmlessly sleeping.For a couple of days, I was completely sleep deprived. I had caffeine all of the time. It didnt help me focus and it didnt let me sleep. It's all because i am having the "pre-masters exams week". So naturally, i was procrastinating, panicking, and studying. But i didnt sleep.I couldn't.
I felt sleepy only in the midst of my exam today, perfect timing. I actually thought of "sleeping just 5 mins". I put the pen down, with my eyes half closed and couldnt think of anything except a warm bed.The only thing that stopped me from actually falling asleep is a story i heard from someone I dont remember about someone I dont know who stayed awake before the exam for so long, he was so tired by the time he was in the exam and actually fell asleep w راح عليه الامتحان .So I came back to reality, and had a couple of tridents in my mouth and completed the stupid exam.
Which reminds me how much I hated my exam today! It was something of this sort:

Question One: Discuss chapter 1.

Question Two: Discuss and illustrate chapter 2.

Question Three: Compare and Contrast
a- chapter 4 and 17.
b- chapter 7 and 8.
c- parts 5.1 and 5.6

Question four: Discuss and illustrate chapter 6. Explain.

Question five: بم تفسر
a- Chapter 9 is before chapter 10.
b- It is cold outside.
c-the impacts of chapter 5 on the weight of the book.

Question six: From your project work, try to talk about chapter 14 and your project at the same time. Be creative. What do you suggest people do after you read the chapter?

Bonus Question: Discuss and illustrate chapter 11 بالمرة

You have only 3 hours to pull this off, Good Luck!

When the time was almost up, someone asked whether he could get an extra answers-sheet. He was at the last bench and everyone turned around to see who was it. He didnt get one of course and the supervisor told him "ماينفعش, بس انت اتقر عليك خلاص"

Needless to say that I went home directly to my long-missed bed. I thought I would only wake up the next day, but I was surprisingly awake after 6 hours of sleep. I woke up on a terrible headache, a mobile ringing and an empty stomach!I discovered that I have been living on tridents for 24 hours. My mum jokingly asked me" صحيتي ليه يا أوجي, ده نوم الظالم عبادة".
I replied lazily: "جعانة".

Well, the week is just starting and I have till next tuesday in this ,well,torment ..Rabbena yostor!


Deeeeeee said...

Do you know that my dad always says that phrase, all the time, to the extent that if someone calls me on the phone wana nayma baba hay2ollohom Dina betat3abbad! Btw, I called you wenti nayma, I hope you did okay, good luck with the remaining exams! :)

zekry said...

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL @ "bema tofasser" :D
wana ba2ra el as2la eftkrt emt7anat el MIS wel System Analysis wel Multimedia wel GIS wel project management w kefaya awy keda 3shan ana ray7 atat3abbad zay dina :P:D

gjoe said...

Dee: i think we should investigate more into our parents and grandparents saying the exact same things!

Zekry: wenta men ahloh..Rabbena yataqabbal isA!

Xero said...

hehehe at least it's better than expanding formulas and finding the Equation for whatever they ask for and you've never heard about
if this phrase is true then some ppl are going straight to heaven :D