Friday, December 01, 2006

Freaky Friday!

2day was fe3lan fe3lan..yoom 3'areeb, unexpected, unplanned for, hectic, long, exausting..

2day i almost cried and i laffed out loud in the same minute..

2day ppl surprised me..they really did..el nass fedlo a3deen le7ad essa3a 8!

okay ill start from the beginning..

ennaharda ro7t el kollya..mal2tesh labs w mal2tesh datashow w mal2tesh participants..dah 3'eer tab3an enny abl mnzel men el beet el prez sa2altny 3ala el phone te2olly feen el moderators..
el mohem ya3ny ..kollo kan me2ale2 men 7ewar mafeesh particpants dah..
w fe3lan kan workshop feeha abt 6 participants..6 out of 40..

time for..IMPROVISING!!

and we did improvise alright..olna ne3mel merge w ne3mel debate between the 4 workshops..pretty risky and pretty amazing at the same time..lamma el nass betegamma3 keda feh situation wa7ed betbaan awy different personalities..w betbaan awy different types of ppl..and tab3an sooo many attention grabbers..some one shoot them..shoot them all!

and God el masryeen love to talk..ya3ny el mafrood el break yeb2a 3ala 3..its started @ 4 30..
kollo 3ayez yetkallem ba2a w kemmet el inconsistenecy..wel Improvising wel unplanning..

wel coffee break ba2a..makltesh feeh 7aga 7'ales..:( gabo taffet bateh w noss torta maslan..

bass bardo 3ala ra2y modertor: " comment"fe3lan its true..e7na ettsarafa w 7'alas..and i think we did as best as we can..bedaleel enn kann feeh nass a3ada lel a7'er..
bass bardo kan feeh nass keteer meshyet..bass bardo u can never satistfy koll el nss..
el mohem ya3ny it turned out okay fel a7'er el 7amdollelah..

aktar 7aga day2etny ba2a the guy ely a3ad mestany ya 3eeny for like 4 hrs 3ashan ye2ool el kelmteen elly 3ando..
i didnt even aplogize..i was too embaressed menno w men el mawkef..bass begad makansh yenfa3 a3mel ayy 7aga.. 7asal 7'eer :D

bass el moderators essara7a ya3ny need fel3an a million thanks ..we2fo wa2fet reggala..w kan feeh radd fe3l saree3 w nadafet dema3' and surprisingly ..almost no complaining!
and they controlled the participants smoothely and the participants looked up to them..el7amdolellah fe3lan..things could have been much more worse..

the good thing was el debate zat nafsaha..fe3lan ma3arfsh leeh 7aseet la2 el balad kwyesa ya3ny..
and i decided to stay..
ill stay here! Egypt..
ill stay here! Home..

Ill keep this friday here blogged for the record..

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