Sunday, December 10, 2006

Im Walking Away

Ill walk away...
ill walk away and not look back
with no regrets, with no memories.Nothing but my learned lesson.
it's the right thing to do..and it was the rite thing to be done from the very start..
Days will go by and ill be proven wrong..and then more days will go by and ill be proven right..
i should have listened..i should have watched..i should have knew..but it doesn't regrets..There is nothing here for me to stay for. There is nothing worth waiting for. I've made up my mind and I have decided to walk away.As Far and As Away and As Fast As Possible.

no coming back and that's final..Ill walk away gladly, gracefully and with no harm done..
Ill walk away quietly,walking with one thought on my mind..I know I 'll survive this one too :)

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