Sunday, December 03, 2006


I wanna go There.Zihuatanejo.The land with no memory.It's not that i want to live there..Its just an idea..a concept..a symbol of a paradise-ish getaway..some place where no one knows you and no one is expecting any behaviour, attitude, or ever assignments from you.Zihuatanejo is just the place for me..for anybody i think.You may wonder how did i know of such a place.well, ull have to watch "The shawshank redemption".And you'll understand the symbolic meaning i give to the place.
Am so trapped in the box of everyday life and everyday problems and everyday routine and everyday same-old-same-old.I wanna go there!
I love beaches in general. Watching the sea makes me feel the Greatness of its Creator.Closing my eyes and listening to its roaring waves crushing on the shore makes me feel the Mightiness of its Creator. Let alone the Wideness of the sea..and how it meets with the sky at some faraway line called the horizon..And the breeeze!!The breeze is so relaxing and so refreshing..i think it is such a mood lifter just to feel the chilling-warm breeze by you skin.So gentle.So Comforting.

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