Monday, December 11, 2006

gjOe in Moggama3 el Ta7reer:Part I

A huge building no doubt..full of history, dust, files, beuracracy and People!! When ever you need to extarct a paper or a document somehow in the dreadful lousy process u'll end up in moggama3 el ta7ereer...My encounter with moggama3 el ta7reer was not as dramatic as i thought it would be..although i did hear, see and smell biZZare things! picture of moggama3 el ta7reer was all from Adel Emam's all-famous el erhab wel kabab..i thought that i would be going up in a spiral until i get to the office i want..and i thought that i would find a sucisidal person in the elevator and i thought i would find rice being handpicked on desks..and i thought i would find people leaving thier work and praying when there was no prayers to be done..and i thought i would find an unnoticable "wa7ed beynnadaf gezam" by the stairs..
to my dissapointment.. i have found none of that..

Reality :

i went there by 11..i found ppl having thier breakfast..
i found women fighting over nothing..
i found ppl sleeping on desks..
i found careless tired egyptian faces all over the place..
i found ppl not doing what they are supposed to do: work
i found an undescribable blend of smells..

the general attitude of ppl there: am not paid enoff to care..

i didnt expect nothing other than that really..but it was a first time encounter with the building..

The most interesting part though is still to come : madam fat7ya !

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greyscale said...

the only time i ever went to mogamma3 el tahrir was to renew my passport on the first floor and the place wasn't that bad actually. a bit crowded, but overall better than i expected.

can't wait to read about madame fat7eya :)