Monday, December 18, 2006

gjOe in Moggama3 el Ta7reer: Part II

well, madam fat7ya is a typical Egyptian woman.She is veiled, a proud mother of 3 gurls ,a bit chuby, puts on lots of makeup for work, sotaha 3aaly, and betfally elly oddamaha men saso le raso! other than that she is sooo sweet..
madam fat7ya is a manager in an admin. where they help ppl who study travel abroad to get a degree.."be3thaat" and they manage ppl who are here to cope with the egyptian educational institute."wafedeen"
i went to meet madam fat7a as a step towards our graduation project where we want to interview some users of the program-to-be that we are developing.
Mainly it was a questionnare. It should have lasted for 30 to 45 mins but it stretched out to 3 hrs..
madam fat7ya did most of the talking .. the interview was formal but she went out of the topic sometimes..she explained in details the work flow and processes going there. and we Had to listen although what we needed was far more simpler than that.Anyways we had to thank her..

At the end of the first hour and a half, she had said it all..
we thanked her and were abt to leave when she remembered that she had to give us some papers or we had to wait 3ala mal papers tetsawar..el mohem
we had to staaay and with no complaining. Then she started the real talking:
she told us that ppl who travel abroad to study never come back.
that if they came back, a million things would get in the way of him/her trying to make use of the degree.She gave us an example by saying if a guy returned with a PhD. Dr.s here would envy him and would try with all means to push him away.
She told us that the ppl working in public sector are not only tired but they feel oppressed by the system.
She told us "barra el zabbal zay 3amalteelo 7aga ye2ollek ana leeya 7o2oo2y..laken hena el nass betet7'arag men kollyet tebb w to3od 3ala el raseef w mesh la2aya sho3'l".
"barra el bany2aadam 3'aly ya benty..maynfa3sh yeggarbo 3ala bany2admeen keda zay fe tebb 3andena.."
"el balad feeha gom ersheen fe ayy etlafety hatl2eehom et7'do lel nass el kebeera.."
"el balad aow7ash 7aga feeha el fasad el edary..mafeesh dameer..w kollo rashawy w araf..w bey7sal balawy fel balad deh ya benty w 3eeny 3enak"
"ya3ny enty masaln awel lamma tet7'argy haddawry 3ala eh..mesh 3ala wasta? aady awel fasad fel mogtama3..3omr 7add hay2ollek ta3aly esht3'aly 3ashan kaf2tek? naader awy naader.."
"el balad deh mesh haysle7aha 3'eer 7aga wa7da bass..saowra..fakra ya benty fel taree7' lamma kano bey2olona ahdaf el sawroa aamet 3ashan yesheelo el 7agat el we7sha..aady koll el 7agat deh mawgooda delwa2ty w aktar"
"e7na dawla mot7'alefa..w hanfadal tool 3morana mot7'alfeen law fedelna netaty keda"

she even gave us advise(!):
"lazem teggawey wa7ed zoo markaz..3ashan ye3raf eddafa3 feeky kam 3ala matet3almy w tekbary ..ew3y ta7'dy wa7ed a2al mennek..wes2aleeny ana.."

she concluded by apologizing if she gave us a "black" version of egypt.
nothing she said was new or unheard of..but the way she said it gave me the impression that she deals with corruption everyday. it made me wonder how bad things really are?
and are we reaching the point of "it can only get better".. or there is still worse to come?
how am i going to survive all that in the future? how do ppl cope with that? and how many decided "el nass kollaha bet3mel keda" and went with the flow?

anyways..back to madam fat7ya..her words were an eye-opener on things that i have seen earlier but never gave it a name "ya 3eeny 3aleeky ya balad"..

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