Thursday, November 30, 2006

The Bless Of Forgetness

Thank God We Forget!
Thank God we forget the pain, the agony or whatever bad experiences we encounter in our lives..Those who dont forget stay still where they are..Those who dont forget live in an everlasting hell..(i know by nature that hell actually is everlasting) .

But forgetting needs time..needs patience and sometimes even needs some one to decide to forget..its pretty hard to tell ur self "me, ill stop thinking abt this right now..ill forget about it"..the next thing you know is you spend the rest of the day fixated on the same very thought u told urself to forget!
Its like those silly time waster mind games that tell you..try not to think abt penguins for 2 mins..and all you would find urself thinking abt are thoses cute little black and white cuddling creatures!

Thank God i forgot all about the things that used to bother me long time ago..
Such a relieving bless...a burden over my shoulders..i worry abt a whole new things now!

gtg now, forgot to feed my cat!

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