Saturday, November 18, 2006 sorry Wilson!!

I was watching a part of american idol the other day when it occured to me that the human being has the most unrational ability of overrating things..thier cars, mobile phones, books, habits..overrating a competition..overrating a success, a failure, a concept, a tradition,sports,celebrities.. overrating love,anger and revenge ..just name it..

At the end of phase one in american idol where they choose who to continue and who is excluded from the very start, they showed a documentary viewing all those who lost and won..people get either extreeeeemly happy or extreeeeeeemly frustrated..and by extremeeeeely i mean some where moved to the hospital when they heard that they lost..
okay, i understand that this is a competition and ppl tend to over react and all that..specially that its on national TV..but still its overrated..i mean who remembers all the winners of american idol? who cares?

but the thing is overrating things is a natural behaviour done by ppl everywhere..

if u ever watched "Castaway" by tom hanks ull know what i mean..i didnt like the movie that much, but what astonished me is the "bond" (which is even beyond a friendship) between tom hanks and "wilson ".. the volley ball..remember the scene where the ball falls in the ocean and tom hanks tries to save it by his "soul"..i think the only thing that ever stopped him was his own survival instinct..
As an outsider..u view wilson as merely a what if it's lost in the big blue ocean..but for him that wilson was more than that..he overrated the ball..he gave it false added-value where in fact its just a "volleyball"...he overrated a ball made of plastic to the extend he almost drowned to save it..pretty irrational u think.
actually we do the same..on things even less important than least tom hanks had his excuse of living alone in a far away island..
The ball was was given false added- value..that made the
if u dont believe those sports-zealots..ppl go WILD over scoring a goal..i never understand it..they think of it as merely a game and its highly overrated..
the only ppl who have the rite to feel whatever triumph are the players themselves..they are the ones who worked their heads off trying to win a match or sth..why the hell a fat lazy person sitting on a couch at home watching the game, eating up his bag of chips ,feel related and even far more excited abt a goal than the players themselves..? very overrated

its the same all around..

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