Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Zamaan Wana So3'yar

I figured something very very recently: Nothing makes me genuinely content but a revived childhood memory. El7amdolellah, I enjoy one of life's greatest blessings: A happy childhood. Well, as a first child, you get all the attention and all that, your parents always have the highest expectations, which sometimes could turn into a curse. But overall, again, el7amdolellah I had a very nice time being a kiddo!

When I truly recall zaman, with all it's habal, carefree and innocence, it feels like I am little girl back again..it's like all the surrounding dullness and burdens disappear. I could find myself smiling while stuck in traffic, or giggling while a manager gives direct orders of not exceeding a deadline.

I discovered that looking at some of my childhood photos could really lift my spirit up. Which is greatly needed these days!Tab3an if I was flipping through my old photos with my sisters or mom they would have to say the lame-statement "Eh elly 7assalek ya oojy?", and I have to reply in a snobbish attitude "wala 7aga, I turned from a 3ayela into a diva".

That thing on my face? Grown-ups call it Shalfatah, Kids call it Chocolate

So I decided, that every now and then I will share bits of these memories through my humble blog! heeeeh :)

And today I share this:

Zamaaaan wna so3'ayara,I was such a hyperactive kid..and naturally i didn't like bed-time.So my parents invented the "sleeping routine":a game, that they have to go through every night 3ashan at7'emed..wana tab3an amma sadda2at..

kan lazem koll yoom baba yo3od 3ala rokaboh w yemedd eedoh w yestanany fe awel el salah, wana agry men a7'erha w a2olloh "Tesba7 3ala 7'eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa babaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" in a whale-ish-kinda-way watremy fe 7odnoh! w tab3an 3ashan ana mesh 3ayza anam, I had to repeat it a coupla times, and practice it on mom just to get it right..w marra abbata2 el tempo w marra assar3o 3ashan el ta3'yeer..
My mom had to watch carefully and clap for me as I ran..if she is not looking, then I had to do it again!

You could unmistakably conclude that I have certain illusions that I am the center of the universe until this moment.

Every now and then, my dad jokes that I stopped playing that game. "Battalty tegry 3allaya w te2oleely tesba7 3ala 7'eer ya baba"...
I usually reply by saying, "Tesba7 3ala 7'eer"

I feel SOO much better :)


sara said...

awwwwwwwwww :) Rabinna yekhaleelek babaaaaaaaaaa <3

Deeeeeee said...

You should see the way I nod reading your blog! :)

Xero said...

hehe ... glade you are happy :D

gjoe said...

Sara: Thanks sara, w Rabbena yerraga3o bel salama 3ashan currently howa mesafer :)

Dee: :D..well the post was ur idea

xero: El7amdolellah ! :)