Saturday, April 05, 2008

One lousy movie..

..after another, after another!For 3 consecutive times of movie-goings, I was greatly disappointed..First by There will be blood, then by Geneenet El-Asmak and the least disappointment was Share3 18 because I didn't have any high expectations anyway!

Okay let's talk details..There will be blood felt like a remake of "the good the bad and the ugly"..Not in the plot, but in the pace..It was extremely slow and you feel really disconnected from the people. You could not find any justifications for what they do and why they behave. But I'd have to applause for Daniel's Performance..I haven't seen the other nominated actors but he sure did deserve an academy award.

Geneenet El-Asmak..The movie was also very very slow(slow is in you could spend 3 minutes watching a guy walking in the street, or tying his shoes, or making a cup of tea), but it was kinda new. You feel like the director has a vision and wants to say are just not quite sure what it is!Actually no, it was quite obvious that the movie was talking about fear.And he wants to deliver a message that we as a society are collectively and individually living in fear.Fear from the future, from pain, from loneliness, from rejection, from exposing our real selves, from the government even..At this part, the movie was good at portraying different specs of the society..and what each and everyone is afraid of. But still, he was not able to sell his idea, and it was very symbolic at times to be understood! At many points of the movie, you could just hear the audience make fun of how slow the things are..There is no usual story climax and resolution..I remember quite well when the 2 hours were almost over and the audience felt like "enough already" , yet nothing really dramatic happened, a guy behind us was like "Ana mesh 3aref leeh 7ases enn el film hay7'las 3ala keda" and he was correct! It did end 2 seconds after his prediction.

Share3 18: Okay, it was available fel nady with a 5-pounds ticket and the movie was 75 mins can't really blame me for watching it.
Anyways, I appreciate the attempt of making a "detective" plot and all that, but the director was terrible terrible terrible.The dialog was "rakeek" to the moon and back ..And someone please kill Mays 7amdan in real life..She just gets on my every nerve..Me-2avowara mel a7'er..Dah 3'eer enn the movie was very predictable. You could easily see through it..I need to do some mental math to get my IQ level back to normal.

Feen ayyam el aflam el 7elwa, Braveheart walla The Shawshank Redemption, walla Sleepless in Seattle,walla Pocahontas 7atta..


greyscale said...

i liked No Country For Old Men.

but it's ending was disappointing... anyways, you should go see the movie

gjoe said...

wallahy ya a7' grey, I have it on my laptop and was about to watch it, until someone told me they didnt like it..It seems that I'll have to watch it for myself to decide :)