Sunday, April 20, 2008


I was wondering; To what extent is a person responsible for the state of things around him? I mean things are not looking good, right?Neither globally nor locally.. But again, what does an "individual" has to do to make things better? How far is one contributing to the well-being of his surrounding environment? Where does someone stop?Is it enough to set a good example? Or do we have to work in groups to set a significant change?How much damage is done to have people who are believers in "hopeless case" and that things would never get better? How much damage is done if we had people who simply chose to shut up about the wrong they see everyday?Is it enough to be a person who is كافي خيره شره?

For example, it gets more crowded everyday; If I bought a new car, won't that have a negative effect on traffic jams?Global warming?But it is more serious than just that.

What my question really is: Individually speaking,How 'significant' a change has to be?


Cesario said...

I really believe "that one grain of rice can tip the scale", but I think it has to be the right grain at the right time, but you have to factor in that there were other grains too before this one specific grain.
Am I making sense?
All I want to say is every little bit helps, if not now then in the future.

sara said...

ya Rab my days here will end soon.. Fo the more I breathe the heavier I feel :(

Xero said...

i think it's how you deal with things with tools you have in hand .
if you are in a position the enables you to do something in the right direction even if it's globally trivial and won't effect the big picture then do it no matter what .
not doing it is considered negativity .
while doing a lot more is considered heroism .
some ppl are negative and some , heroes and some are just ppl