Friday, April 25, 2008



zekry said...

ana mesh ghayzny gher en feeh 3 windows le firefox mafto7een raghm en el window ely 2odamna malyna tabs kteer
el mohm b2a enty betftkry enty fat7a eih aslan ? wla momkn teft7y nafs el page aktar men mara ? 3shan ana 3arf en ur memory be 3afya shewya :P

Xero said...

a true multitasker :)

M@hdeTo said...

edah you are an xkcd fan?

*thumbs up*

gjoe said...

zekry: well..i do forget where exactly was i when i work this way..but I found myself not able to work any other way though!

xero: It runs in the family, both my procrastinating and my multitasking skills :D

my hobby: opening 3 tabs of xkcd and pressing the random button and calculating the probability of having the same comic appearing at the same time :)

M@hdeTo said...

no kidding !!

its not that tough though !

till today there is 415 strips published

you can model it as throwing 3 dices with 415 face each and hoping they all land on the same face, that is of course if their random function satisfies the 3 assumptions of bernolli's trials (only 2 outcomes possible/trials are independent/if outcome A has prob. p then outcome B must have prob. 1-p) which i think is the case here - i ran a script that sampled the redirects of their random page and it was around 207 with the same SD - so i think their random function does satisfy the 3 conditions

the calculation itself is simply:

if you were hoping for the same strip from 3 tabs without any help from your browser's cache and you actually got it ! then you are one lucky person !!! (or they have a serious random generation glitch that didn't show up with concurrent fast hits)

M@hdeTo said...

that would be one long alt text if you ever think about publishing it :P

gjoe said...

Thanks Mahdeto,

mesh 3arfa wallahy kont ha3mel eh men 3'eer el equation deh..:)

someone should visualize it and send it as a comic..or why would they take all the credit?! We should do ourselves a comic!

w nessameeha krq! :)

I mean they are just stick possibly hard could it be (please do not actually go through the drama of calculating the possibility of its "hardness")

M@hdeTo said...

edah makontesh fakrek hatetday2ee !
and krq .. yaaaaaaaaaaah (kinetic recursive quality?:p)

ok no more stat. comments!