Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Random Thought

Sometimes it occurs to me, that waiters who work in hotels and expensive coffee shops like Cilantro and the like must come from somewhat below middle class backgrounds. Aren't they provoked by the amount of money people spend to get a cup of tea or their morning-fix of latte?
I mean these waiters would probably be starting their lives and would have economic problems. Then just to make things worse for them, a college student comes up, and ask them a 15-pound worth cup of coffee.
Isn't that a little bit overrated?If not a lot?

How does this make them feel? I know they are considered lucky from where they come from to work in such places and would probably be well paid when comparing them to others in their same job positions. Still, I think it would get on my nerves how much money these middle-class-and-above people spend on their coffees, salads and juices.

Just A Random Thought.


Deeeeeee said...

I always think about that... and I had a similar conversation with Hagoo, which I think I told you about... I just hope it doesnt create a grudge elsociety mesh na2sssaa!!

sara said...

OMG! I always think of thaaaaaaaaaaaaat!