Monday, March 31, 2008

When short-termed memory turns dangerous

Okay. I am quite embarrassed to share this.But a few days ago I 've had an attempt of eating boiled eggs. It was about 3-4 a.m. and I was awake doing some work. I put the eggs to boil and went back to my room to finish my work.I totally forgot about the eggs and left it for almost 45-60 minutes. I only remembered when I smelled something irritating. The smell was weak at first and didn't grab my attention. After a couple of minutes, I realized that is a familiar smell, and it's very similar to the one when there is something.... melting!

I ran to the kitchen to find the smell very intense and the whole kitchen was very heated. The "Kanaka"went from silver to black. The eggs of course were inedible, and far beyond boiled :).

I opened every air conditioner in the house, along with the kitchen's window. I was afraid mom would wake up and start the drama. I've soaked the "kanaka" in water and hid it in the washing machine (I was really panicking, and wasn't sure if we should throw it away.)After I threw the eggs in the basket, I stood beside it for a while because I was afraid the egg's heat would start a small fire in garbage's plastic bag.

Sure enough, mom wakes up and the drama began..

Mum: Feeh ree7a 3'areeba..deh men feen?Deh ka2ennaha gayya men el matba7'..
Me: (blank face)
Mum: men feen el ree7a deh?
Mum: Enty nesteey 7aga 3ala el nar?
Me: ah..
Mum: Ya sater Ya Rab..neseety eh?
Me: 7'alas ya mama mesh mohem..7'oshy namy.
Mum:neseety eh?(In a far more serious tone)
Me: Beed.
Mum: El kanaka 7assalaha 7aga? El ree7a sa3ba awy!
Me: ah ya3ny shwaya..bass 7'alas ya mama..le7e2ataha..
Mum:(checking for the kanaka): Heya feen..?
Me: 3'assalet el teba2.
Mum:(In shock): EH EL MANZAR DAH! 7ARAM 3ALEEKY YA SHEE7'AA..Rakkezzy shwaya ba2a..
Me: Sorry ya mama wallahy..
Mum: Tab ya3ny mesh termeeha walla te3'seleeha
Me:mana ya mama et7'adeet makontsh 3arfa a3mel eh..
Mum: (Sharp look)
Me: Sorry ya mama..
Mum walks away in silence.I go to sleep.

P.S: The next day, my younger sisters took pleasure in pointing at me all day long and saying "el matwoola ahe ahe!".


Deeeeeee said...

I do that all the time.. 7ar2aali beta3 4 or 5, that my mom resided to electric kettles! Fadaaki! :)

Xero said...

hehehe .. i did that every time i wanted to cook sth . eventually i quite ,i just eat things cold (not eggs surely :D )

gjoe said...

El7amdolellah, I am not alone..Thanks for the support!

AD sabry said...

if im not reading this myself
i would think that its about me
im like that all the time
thats so diffecult with me

Cesario said...

Once I forgot an egg that I was boiling, I like hard boiled eggs, so I leave it for a while, but this one I forgot until I heard a bang. The egg exploded everywhere, it even reached the ceiling. My mother was furious because the kitchen smelled for days.
You're not alone.We're all suffering from short term memory loss. I blame computers.

Bongo said...

Troubles .. Troubles .. Troubles !!
kolona haza al ragol :D :D

gjoe said...

wade7 enn mawdoo3 el zakera dah zahera 3alamaya!
e7na lazemlna mesh group 3al facebook..or even a network! :)