Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Randshom Tshag

The Rules that most of you already know

  • Post 10 random things about yourself
  • Choose 5 people to tag and a reason you chose each person
  • Leave them each a comment directing them to your blog so they know they are it
  • You can’t tag the person who tagged you (you’ll have to make new friends)
  • As a courtesy to the person who tagged you, please let them know when you have posted so they can have the sheer delight and extra work load of reading your answers)
  • (I thought of also randomizing the numbers)

9- You know those people that you ask out of courtesy "How was your day?" or "How are you doin'?" and they Actually Tell You About It? I am one of those :)

5- I used to have a Hate Hate Hate my braces. I HATED the way I looked.On the other hand, I knew that its a temporary situation and my teeth are going to be great! But I cried a couple of times when I had them on: "Ana zeh2eeet ba2aaaaa"..I am supposed to wear my transparent-retainer and I dont! My dentist will Kill Me!

4- My brain is not "metrakkeba" to play games.Wether its cards or video. I lose my temper when I don't win and I hate it when they are apologetic and say "Sorry, You Lose!".I mean I don't want any pity!Grrrrr..The only game I have on my laptop AND my PC is Tetris. 7atta el snake elly 3ala el mobile..3omry ma7abbetaha!

8-A cup of latte from Cilantro or Second Cup makes my day.I stay happy for at least 8 hours ba3daha, unless of course something drastic happened, like for example..I lost a game.

1-I always have a To-Do list, so that I wont forget what is it to do (duuh!).But I always forget to check and update the to do list after its made.So I have to-do lists that have been there on my laptop for ages(men ayyam el kollya maslan),and of course,many of the listed items, were never done.. (e.g.:System's desgin assignment).

7-I have been on a "healthy" diet since last December.I can now wear size small :) and I intend to continue the diet as long as it takes! I've quit junk food, sweets and chocolate!Lately, I've been going to the gym on an almost-daily basis.The downside of this diet is that I have attained an ugly addition on sugarless-peppermint-tridents.

10- I worry about the availability of water for the future generations.

3-On average, I open about 7 tabs on Firefox simultaneously.Google Reader, GMail, A blog, a Google search are almost always open.In particular, I spend a Tremendous amount of time on Reader.

2-Things I find silly:Talk shows, barameg el koora, valentine's day, video-clips, appetizers, celebrities-obsession "bammooot fe a7mad el sa2a", a7mad el sa2a nafso, formal dress codes,Windows Vista and rannat el mobile.

6-I hold proudly the ability to recite by heart:El Nazer(Ma howa esm moqawel el serameec, w mahowa lawn el serameec el mosta7'dam fel benaa2?), Elly Baly Balak(Mesh 3ayez DVD?DVD?Negebloh DVD?), A7la el Aw2at (3ayza ward yabraheem)and lately El-7assah-El sab3a (Kayfa yajro2 haza el fer3aon al sa3'eer al mota7zleq!)


Arly: Zeyadet Ta2keed 3ala el Tag beta3 Dee. :)

Xero: I bet I'll read some angry, yet funny points!

GreyScale: As an attempt to make you blog more often :)

Sara: A very sweet,inspired,enlightened blogger, with many thoughts common with mine!

Sina: I wonder whatchya gonna say about yourself! (Enty feen ya Sina sa7ee7?)


Deeeeeee said...

LOOOOOOOOOL! I was sure you were going to do that with the numbering! AND I LMAO @ No. 2, Envy you for number 7, totally relate to number 3.. and didn't know you actually use second cup to get stuff! Loved the post! :)

P.S. I was expecting you to number them from 0 to 9, since you're not a MATLABer though. :)

sara said...

Thanks bigad gjoe.. By the way, that's the same way I feel.. Kainnik a mirror of myself :)

sara said...

Done ya setti :D

Thanks again :)

Cesario said...

hey gjoe,
Talabatek awamer.
Congratulations on being a mo3eeda by the way. I know I haven't been in touch,so forgive me.
See you soon.