Saturday, March 29, 2008

أم بالين

You know that proverb that goes, "أبو بالين كداب و أبو تالتة منافق"?
Well, I feel like I have been Omm Baleen Talata Arba3a for a while.Trying to do a lot of things at the same time and whenever I focus on one thing to get it right, el ba2y beyo2a3 menny..
So next week, I decided to give my self a well-deserved break. I would have loved to have it this week, except that I have got a presentation and an exam by Wednesday and Thursday. But that's it! I Need a break, I Deserve a break and I will Take one,Thank you very much! Yaksh Tewla3!

Hopefully, I'll be back re-charged and back on track. On this break, I'll try to get things from the previous post done!

1 comment:

Bongo said...

you deserve a break ..
it'll help you concentrate more and be effective

and certainly rearrange your priorities and life

you should do that every now n then no matter how hard it gets

take care n be well , n really enjoy your break :)