Saturday, February 09, 2008


I'll take a break from the following:
- Gtalk and MSN
- Facebook
- TV

The reason? They are all getting on my nerves, one way or another, not to mention the tremendous amount of time wasted on them. The duration? As long as it takes.
I was thinking of switching my mobile off too. But instead, i'll just be selective on the calls i answer.
I was also thinking of pausing on finishing the 100 years of solitude book.It is getting grumpy,solitary, old and painful.I have enough pain in real life on that matter.But instead, i'll finish it as soon as possible to get it out of my system, and get it over with.


david santos said...

Congratulations Egypt!!!!!!!!!!

Xero said...

i was going to buy this book about 4 days ago ,but i thought it was too big for me to finish.

you'll just find yourself cutoff from things you are used to , will be relieving for a while ,but you'll start missing those things again.

Lasto-adri *Blue* said...

I HATE this book!
boring till death..

for some time i did the same... bas then i knew eno feh people deserve to be blocked.. homa elli kano el sabab fi el e7bat da

and now thinking to cut down everything bardo,, bas for another reason.. mm .. menhom el time bardo..

ba2olek,, good luck gjoe ... rabna m3aki isA

gjoe said...

David: Thanks!

Xero: well, i thought too myself, I got it 2 years ago and I am reading it now on my way to and back from work..I am enjoying it, but right now it contains alot of pain and agony keda..
About being cut-off, I need it! I have my blog and my reader, so I wont be totally cutoff, just a little(or much) less gossip :)

Blue:Boring! On the contrary, I find it magical and even sometimes funny (at least at first)..Bass howa fe3lan feeh 7ettet "what's the point of the story?" shwaya

LOL @ people who deserve to be blocked! I tried blocking it does work for sometime and then people know and take it personal (mesh 3arfa leh) w qessa taweela keda..

Thanks blue..Rabbena ma3ana kollena!