Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Tagged: 6 things to be done before getting 18

Yeaaay! I am tagged again! and again! That's what you get from being a gemini!
Thanks sara & Blue Lue :)

So,حرصا مني على رغبات المدونين الأعزاء , I will treat each tag independently and write down 12 different things I think one should do before getting 18! it goes:

1- Read Harry potter, To Kill a Mocking Bird,Flash w Smash, ElRagolo El Mosta7eel ,Sar7'et el ro3b.. pick a comic that you would love forever.
Books read in teenage years are carved in the memory. They do help one getting "outside" ideas about the world other than those your parents try to put in your head.

2- Be as stupid (as frequent) as possible.As long as you are under 18, you are more likely to be excused for your stupidity. Being a teenager isn't easy.You are almost always angry, emotional and confused. It is okay to jokingly throw a friend in the pool. It is okay to cut your sister's hair while she is sleeping. It is okay to try out mixing ice-cream with fries. It is okay to make fun of your principle and get caught. As long as you are under 18, people would understand. After that, you have no excuse.So be as stupid as much as you can, or you're lose most of your teenage-fun!

3- Decide on your dream job, and your alternative not-so-dreamy job if the first one didn't work out. It should go something like: When I grow up, i'll be an artist like Picasso! People will start telling you انها شغلانه مش بتأكل عيش و ان بيكاسو نفسه مات من الجوع. Your alternative dream job is: Farran.بما ان الفران على طول بيعمل عيش فأكيد هياكل منه

4- Pick a hobby.Smoking is not a hobby. Chatting is not a hobby. Checking you email is not a hobby, downloading movies is not a hobby.Pick a hobby..I regret not having a consistent one since then.

5- You must be able to swim, ride a bicycle, and at least tried driving: My sister is 14 and somehow محدش خاد باله انها مش بتعرف تسوق عجلة..deep down, she feels less than everybody who can drive bicycles. You should make sure that you are able to swim too. If you have a phobia,get rid of it.

6- Read the whole Quraan at least once. Know your main obligations towards Allah. I think this should be done even before reaching 15 or something. But by 18 one should have all his main questions and concerns about Islam and belief answered.
1- Have a perfect escape plan, then ditch it. All teenagers below 18 think of running away. Most of them think of committing suicide. I thought of running away a couple hundred times and my life was just fine. Somehow, being under 18 you feel trapped, and you think running away would solve all your problems, or at least change your problems. If you are going to think of running away then think of a master plan then don't ever try it. You should have it as to laugh about it in your 20s and regret not executing it in your 30s, hope your kids would never know about it in your 40s.

2-Get over your childhood crush. Childhood crushes are cute and funny, but enough is enough!

3-Make a diary(or a blog :)).
Somehow writing makes life easier. It helps one rationalize and even wonder and reflect about their own life. A diary also helps one have a feeling that their life is important and eventful it should be written down. It's good for your self-esteem and your sanity mela7'er (unless you started talking to your diary)

4- Pick your favorite movie as a benchmark. 3ala aymna kan Braveheart. No matter how popular or nerd a you were in high school, we all agreed that Braveheart was the best of all time (FREEEEEEEEEEDOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM). Growing up, you will use that movie to see if any other movie measures up, and at a certain point it would be safe and the movie old enough to pick a new favorite movie (currently: The Pursuit of Happyness)

5-Get into a fight. Yes. you have to know how to be confrontational. Even if it means a scar in the forehead that would last forever; you will then learn that you should never be confrontational ever again! For girls: لازم تتخانئي مع واحدة و تشدي شعرها عشان قالت عليكي تخينه

6-El Tazwee3':
This is an integral part of being under 18. So whether or not I approve of it now (بعد لما كبرت و عقلت), it was so much fun.The only catch is not that you might get caught by your parents, but that this habit will stay with you until you are a respectable person who goes to work and still wants to sneak out. So, zawa3'o 3ala add mate2daroh!

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Shimaa Gamal said...

hehehe, fat el me3ad :)
tayeb what should be the list of things to be done befor being 30 or 40 :)

Bongo said...

عمري ما عرفت علي تاج

بس ردودك حلوة :D

Deeeeeee said...

Okay,this just popped into my head right now; question to both of you (gemini): is that why your blog url is 'gjoez' and not 'gjoe' , and shouldn't this post be named 12 things to be done before turning 36? :D