Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Good Morning

Dad wakes up on a phone call,finishes it and tells me to hand him the news paper (which I was reading). Then..

Dad:Hateely el naddara w e3meleely el shaay.
Me: 7adher
So I go fetch him "el naddara" first .

Dad: Eh dah! ommal feen el shay?!mesh oltelek e3meleely shay?
Me: Baba, being a gemini doesnt imply that I can be at 2 places in the same time.
Dad: :D. Tab matnseesh te7oteely ma3aah el bo2somat.

Me: el shay ya baba..
Dad (reading): Tab 7oteeh 3ala el sofrah.

5 mins later:Dad still reading the newspaper.

Me: baba, el shay talleg.
Dad: alla! mesh tendaheeny?
Me:I did.
Dad: Tab mesh tetamenny enny omt?
Me: :)
Dad( reading me a part of the newspaper): التواضع شيء عظيم, لكن ليس لدرجة الاعتراف بأن هناك من هو أعظم مني

Me: dah anees mansour?
Dad: Bayen keda.

Dad: Rambo nezel! The same old crap..over and over again..mafeesh 7aga gedeeda nezlet..kolloh nafs el araf..
Dad: yaah..da7na hanle3ab bokra Cote De'voir essa3a 10: 30...Ya Rabb ne7'sar!! (My dad hates soccer and specially the chaotic commotion in the streets after the "stupid victories" as he calls them).

P.S.: We have this conversation almost every morning, with the difference of the things he reads me from the newspaper.


أحمد منتصر said...

حلو الحوار ده :)

insomniac said...

hehe, is this a father thing?? i mean asking for something, be it tea or soup and then waiting till it's too cold!!

well, now if my dad doesn't go to the dining table fast enough, my son finishes up his food :))))

i agree with ur dad on the whole "stupid victories" theory :)

ur a fellow gemini i c :) what's ur dad's sign?

Amy said...

well telling from how I spent my HALF HOUR home from the beginning of our street to its end, honking "tet tet teet teeeeet tet" (I bet u cna all tell what that is) at all the rediculous immature MEN dancing around in circles blocking the road with their cars, bodies, & stupid flame blowing gagets...

I love ur dad, & I hope we ALWAYS lose!

Mak said...

lool....this get me my glasses and make some tea reminds me of my dad.... they are all the same... :D

I wanted us to lose the last match...but we won. So this time I want to win.

Deeeeeee said...

Ooojy, this time our dads are not the same.. it is my mom who always asks for stuff. She'd be in her room and would make me fetch her glasses from the living room, and then two minutes later she'd call me from the living room asking me to fetch her glasses from her room! :)

gjoe said...

Montaser: Aho Koll Yoom Men Dah! Welcome to the blog.

Insomniac:my dad's a virgo,almost everyone I know is a virgo..LOOL @ your son finishing up his food!Your a gemini too! ahlan beeko :P

Amy: well..we won ya amy!, and the street is all blocked and with celebrations more than ever! yalla marra tanya ba2a :)

Mak:yeah! Aint they all the same!

Deee:LOOL!! mama 7abebty a7'erha te2olly sheely lebsek..Bass heya mestelma cherry :D

Amy said...

GeeeJoooo... I take it BACK!
that last game was phenomenal, I watched it on my toes all 90 minutes thru.. I was excited.. & I loved the fact that we won!!
and I really didnt mind the blocked roads this time - I must be schizophrenic.
I gotta admit.. I keep saying that I dont care if we lose.... But I do care. & I dunno why, but I don't mind :)
I hope we win the final. And we can just stay home if we wanna avoid traffic catastrophes :D

gjoe said...

LOOL! guess what Amy? My father actually watched the match and was kinda excited too! Of course once the match was over he was like "Eh el hayfah deh! Haaty el remote"..But the fact that he sat down and watched the match was an event on its own!

I guess you are right,being one step away from getting the title makes one hope we win!

Deeeeeee said...

Gjo w Amy: Even virgos are geminis every once in a while.. I watched the whole match saying ya rab ne7'sar w nezelt ahayess ma3 my cousins after it ended! :D