Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Stating The Obvious

Personality Tests. I have taken tens of those..how much you are in control of your life? What Kind of fruit are you?Are you sociable or introverted? Are you the comforting type? How well do you: save/organize/manage time? Are you left handed or right handed?
Do you like mornings better or late nights? Do you talk to much on the phone? Do you hate yourself? Are you sleeping enough?How do you like your eggs? Would you like fries with that Sir? Are you having a cold?

I have taken a lot of those tests, specially when I was a teenager and we thought it was cool to answer an MCQ and would be told what we are really made of.

The thing with personality tests is that they simply tell you about yourself what you already know.I mean what a surprise I turned to be a right-handed type of person after all! who would have guessed! I know how bad I am in managing my time, I know that I always work late at night, I know that I am sociable and definitly not the comforting type, am not having cold and I couldn't really see what does it mean by being an apple/strawberry/Kiwi type of person.

Personalty Tests Just State The Obvious.

Personality tests are very popular and are very overrated. I think people take them as to get a certain re-assurance or acknowledgment of who they are. They already know, but they like to be told. you spend about 5 minutes choosing what best fits you and then you get something like "You are the Hard worker", "In another life you were a butterfly, you are a free spirit", "If you were a Disney character you would probably be Belle from Beauty and the Beast (for female) and Eric from the little mermaid (for male)"..

As long as they are not upsetting you, personality tests are great..But there are many types of Personality Tests:

1- The analogy: Symbolizing your character with that of a cartoon, fruit, animal, TV show, movie, a season, a sitcom character ( I tied Chandler and Ross once),a comic character (Ranging from Garfield to DareDevil), you name it!
These are really just for the fun of it and should never be taken seriously.

In your free time do you:
a- Sit back watch TV and eat like Garfield
b- are always looking for love like Rachel/Ross in friends
c- read a lot of books in case you showed in Jeopardy or Who Wants To Be a Millionaire
d- have to be surrounded by a group like Dolphins

If you answered:
a, then if you were a comic character you would have been Garfield
b,then if you were a sitcom you would have been Rachel/Ross
c, then if you were a TV show you would have been Jeopardy
d, then if you were an animal, you would have been a dolphin

2- The Personality Trait: You answer a set of questions and then voila! You know exactly where on the spectrum do you belong. Are your actually spending too much or too little? How much time are you having for yourself? Just one personality trait that is questioned.The answers are usually collected in points and then you see to which category you belong to.The funny thing about this one is the way they put the answer. You know that If you answer a lot of Ds you are going to be a real spender, so you cheat! If you didn't cheat and had a lot of Ds then you know the answer before hand (the point of this post) and dont need to complete this survey anyways.

So answer me this: You are in a mall, Do you:
a- Just go window shopping, you do have the necessities
b- If you really like something, you will get it.
c- No harm in pampering oneself
d- Have taken a pledge of spending every penny before you set foot outside the mall
(ان شالله ما عن حد حوش )

well.. I think كل واحد عارف نفسه

3- The Personality Type: Now that is different than the one mentioned earlier.You get an answer as a whole portfolio of your character.Your deepest personality qualities and traits are exposed. You can turn out to be a real miser, into fashion, lonely or funny and didn't even know it (yeah right).
These are typically like the Zodiac signs description of the personality..
The funny part is. If people are divided into exactly a number X of personality types, wouldn't life have been much easier? You know a co-worker is Taurus, so you try to avoid arguing with him because it would just make things worse.
You know the person you love is a Libra, so you get them flowers because they are really romantic.
مكانش حد غلب

You are?
a- Tall
b- Short
c- Medium-height

If you answered a/b/c you are as follows (this is just to prove that i can write something that can almost fit everybody):

You are the Kind Person Type. You are funny, smart, sociable, you love to hang out with friends, you are hard worker when you are needed. You are a loyal friend. you get hurt if cheated/stabbed from the back and may not forget easily. People turn to you for advise in a lot of things because you are a great listener. Small things can get on your nerves. You hate traffic jams. You are courageous and you are not afraid to tell the truth if you are asked for it. Sometimes you like to be the center of attention and sometimes you like to be left alone.
You are very romantic but a lot of times work to hide it. You forget things easily, but not dates like bdays, anniversaries and national holidays.You are stubborn but caring. You are Loud but can be quiet and observing carefully. You are modest but full of pride..

Well what can I say..aren't we all !

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