Sunday, December 02, 2007

EL Feteer El Feteer El Feteer (Part II)

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The next day, I arrived late (as usual) to find 3 of my co-workers already there. That's right. I found a big plastic bag which obviously contained the feteer. I did the usual morning greetings and sat down. I thought maybe she hasn't told them yet

H: gjoe, S gabet feteer ma3aha..
Me: Ah seme3t..(she told them then.)
H: tab olelha enny kont bahhazar..
Me: mana olt :)
S: fe eh ya gama3a eh el moshkela ya3ny lamma ageeb feteer? ana 3arfa ennaha 7aga 3'areeba w kol 7aga..bass 3ady ya3ny..
H: aywa ya S..bass mesh haynfa3 nakolha keda we7na aslan fe sherka mesh beta3etna..el nass hat2ool eh?
A: w 3ala fekra ana maba7ebsh el fteer..
S: na3am! tab eh ra2ayak ba2a ennak el wa7eed elly lazem takol..

They kept repeating themselves for 5 minutes.I didn't like where the conversation was going. I felt awkward that the girl brought the feteer and we had to eat it, and I also didn't feel it was polite that after she brought it people would have an eh-elly-enty-3amalteeh-dah attitude..So, i kinda kept quiet.

After a while things got really frozen. No winners.No Losers..I really didn't know whether we are going to ever eat that feteer after all. The girl stopped arguing and the guys stopped complaining. But still, S was immersed in the work she had to do, too immersed we knew that she was upset. She had every right. Still I didn't say a word.

After a while, S went to grab some coffee bayen, so i talked to H. I told him "berra7a 3aleeha shwaya..w mat3'lssh 3aleeha..heya 7'alas gabetoh..w shaylaah men el beet w beta3"
A: aah..w meen 3alem..dah moken tekoon ba3atet 7add men el balad ma7'sooos
Silence in the room with the thought in our heads

H:tab so2al ba2a..ya3ny heya altelek embare7?
Me: Ah..
H: tab ma2olteesh leh enn e7na konna benhazar..
Me: I did tab3an..bass heya kanet rakba dema3'aha..w ba3deen mafeesh moshkela awy ya3ny..
H: mafeesh moshekla ezzay bass..ana mest3'arab awy essara7a..
Me: ma3l..

S walked in..we all looked the other way, and whistled..

It was nearly three..
S( Finally ): 3ala fekra ana meday2a..

After we all thought it out, the shock was gone and we all felt guilty..
A: tab 7'alas ..mafeesh moshkela..tala3y el feteer :)
Me: 3ala fekra..aslan hena fel sho3'l beygeeboh delivery 3ady..zay ayy 7etta tanya.. fa mesh mawdoo3 awy ya3ny e7na benakol eh..7'alas ya benty talla3y el feteer..
S looked really cheered up and relieved.But..
S: ba3d eh ba2a..ba3d lamma el feteer bered 7'alass..
Me: ya benty 7'alas ma3lesh..hatla2eeh lessa so7'n shwaya..we7na hankloh hanakloh ya3ny mesh moshkela..

She went and got the feteer out from the "plastic bag". And put it on a plate that was far smaller than the feteer..So it started "fatwala" on the table..

A: eh dah eh dah eh dah (he really panicked).. el feteer mefatwel 3ala el tarabeza..hatooh 7aga ne7ottaha 3ala el tarabeeza 3ashan el fatwala deh..
So we "farashna" some A4 paper on the table over which the feteer just sat there waiting to be eaten.

We kept staring at the feteer and thinking "this is it". We are going to eat feteer meshaltet at work..this day has just came too soon..but actually it looked so delicious, i thought we were making such a big deal out of this whole issue.
Me: sa7ee7 ya S, howa enty gayba el feteer meneen?
S: 3ady ya3ny..gaybaah ma3aya..
Me: aywa ya3ny, olelna bass gaybaah men hena walla ba3tah 7add 3ashan ne3raf nakol add eh..
S: la2 gaybaah men hena..
Me: tab el7amdolellah!

The girl brought up a plate of cheese, so that we can eat it along with the feteer..

H: bet3mely eh ?!taweeeeh!!..e7na hankloh keda..matta3beesh nafsek..

And so we started eating, It was really delicious that every time I decide to finish up, i go and take another bite or so..

But the situation was all in all hilariously funny..I don't remember why were we laughing at, but i remember us telling S things like "teslam edeeky ya S..begad to7fa..bass mat3mlehash tany!"
And A was eating feteer that he didn't even like. Still, he ate the most! On the left you can see all the fatwala on the A4 paper..

I have to say.This was one of the best feteers I have ever tasted..I secretly thought of taking what was left "to go", but I wasn't sure if I can do that, so I kicked those silly ideas outta my head.

We finished up in haste so that we could just get it over with and of course we weren't sure whether our manager would come any minute..That would have been something! On a second thought, we would probably have said "etfaddal ma3ana..7amatak bet7ebbak!"

It passed safely el7amdolellah.We thanked S sincerely and went back to the work we had to do, relieved that it was over, and we got away with it. Ironically, that day S had a really upset stomach and wasn't able to eat anything the next day..

I have to mention that I really liked and respected S . I felt she was really kind-hearted to do such a thing. She did go through a lot to offer us a nice unforgettable meal. Now that the story is even posted, it is there for the record! God Bless Blogs!


Deeeeeee said...

I'm glad that she didnt go home za3lana... bravo 3aleiko! :)

zekry said...

ana sa3ban 3alya awy A da ely kal el fteer w howa mesh by7bo :D

gjoe said...

Dee: I am glad too! kanet hatb2a "3eeba" fe 7a2enna essra7a.. :)

zekry: ma3lesh..kwayes enno kan feteer mesh fool w ta3mya

ArlY said...

ana 3reft H w A :D
bas eh da hwa msh byakol fool w ta3meya ?????

Juka said...

Been there done that :) if you can believe it.

Anonymous said...

msh 2oltelko betmaselu...!
we b3deen bgad eh ya3ni feteer ,,, foul , mac , koshary 7atta ma koloh food... bgad ya A enta bet7awar 3la nafsak :P:P:P