Friday, March 23, 2007

Suicidal Phenomena

Have you ever noticed how ppl cross the street? how ppl walk around in general?

Ppl crossing the streets have developed such an apathetic attitude and a suicidal behaviour..they move very slowly, as if they are wishing they get hit by that if they dont care, as if they are asking for it!They expect ppl driving the cars to care more about thier lives than themselves..

i caught myself once doing that! i remember it was a gloomy day, and i was tired exhausted and "mesh tay2a 7add w mesh tay2a nafsy" ..and i was actually going to get hit by a car..and i remember me saying to myself "yalla mesh mohem"..bass el7amdolellah..that survival instinct kicked in at the last minute :D
bass its very sad to see ppl crossing the streets that way..the sad part lies in 2 things:
the first part: ppl considering their lives to be so insignificant and so not-worth-living that they want to get hit by any chance of ending it..
the second: its a phenomena.

If u ask me, i think the reason is that the average egyptian person is going through hell..and he cant complain, and he cant change it..or atleast this is what he was made to think so

the average egyptian person is living below-the-average-standards of living..and the worst part: he is most probably going to stay in this status for the rest of his life..very depressing indeed..Hit Me!

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