Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Mood Swings

Recently i have to go through at least 4 moods per day..The happy-happy mood..the lazy mood, the back-OFF mood, and the :'(-waaaaa2 mood..

ofcourse, there are days when i go through the contemplating mood, the i-want-to-make-a-difference mood, the ast3'afaro-allah-el3azeem mood and many many others..

its beginning to get my nerves and im becoming less tolerant towards these mood fluctuations..let alone people who ask me all the time "malek fe eh"..and they usually get the answers "mafeesh 7aga" or "i have no idea" or just the "Offf"...and sometimes when am talkitive i go like "u know when kaza 7aga so3'ayara teb2a is making u sad..bass when u put them together, u get really angry?"(i discoverd that those "small things " are the most irritating things..because usually they are indicators of other "big things")

there are some answers i get from ppl that i hate when i actually go through the trouble of telling them what's wrong: "ana ba2a..." and they start talking abt how THIER lives and issues as if they are the most important things in life,and instead of leaving me alone now i have to be the comforting-listener and tell them that everything is going to be okay.

some times ppl go like "ya benty heya deh mashakel" or "fokkek" "ma3lesh".."kolloh bey3addy" ..bass the all-time-winner to piss me off is the "bass 3ala fekra enty lazem teshoofy 7all lel moshekla deh/"..ao "la2 7awly ya3ny te-zakry/teshta3'ly/matkleesh keteer/tennazmy wa2tek/mat7'deesh koll7aga 3ala a3sabek /teseebek melly el nass bet2ooloh".. i always think"whatever..that's what pissing me off..am trying to do what ur telling me and i can't do it, i know what am supposed to be doing am just in a bad mood and yes..i dont want to do anything about it right now.."

when am pissed off all i want from ppl is one of four things:
a- tell me a funny story
b-saying/lying-about how a strong person i am, and that ill go through whatever is bothering me as i couragely did before
c-they can simply say "did u lose wieght?/would u like some chocolate to cheer u up?"
d- just leave me alone will ya?

These mood swings HAVE to go away..i cant afford being misuderstood or being avoided everyday..i simply can't!

P.S: i feel much better now :)

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