Saturday, June 24, 2006

ppl stop it !

Dear PPL,

You Ppl, including those i like the most, get on my nerves sometimes. Actually its not the ppl its the way they compare everything and everyone. i want a house like hers , i want a wife like his, i want a mobile like my cousin, i want something like someone's !!just keep ur mind on wat u have..PLz! i mean for the sake of everyone, including ur self..
ull start comparing ull end up envying everyone for what they've got and mite even turn into a thief or sth!
ppl should really focus on what blessings they have and remember that THINGS dont and will never make anyone happier..and the are a whole long list of ppl who have got-it-all and commited suicide..i think that should tell u sth..
i mean what would make u believe that for example being thinner would make u any happier? or have more friends or even a companion?
It has NOTHING to do with it.. i know alot of thin B***** who really have to go on some attitude-suction!

U should be HAPPY for who u are.. ur defects and imperfections..and by HAPPY i mean laffing all day long and being grateful to what Allah has given U and not given the others.. u probably wont notice these things coz u were so consumed by seeing what do ppl have that u dont instead of seeing what do u have that ppl dont!

Note to Ppl: Ppl's business is none of your business.

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