Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Private Thots getting Public

My sister asked me : for whom?
Me: for anyone ya3ny..
My sister :Aywa ya3ny .. leh bardo?
Me: Its like writing in a diary..that everybody reads:D
My sister : *face*..what's the point?
Me: e7m..well you know.. sharing ideas w keda ya3ny.. ah.. w momken 7add ye-comment 3ala elly enty katbahaa..
My sister :grammar mistakes ya3ny w keda :P
Me: yyoooo bossy everybody is doing it, my friends are doing it, and gogosh is doing it .. so im doing it! ( u can justify almost anything that way!)
My sister: ok.. ill start blogging too!
Me: mashy bas estany lamma a7'alas..

1 comment:

Deeeeeee said...

Well... First of all welcome gjOe *small g on purpose!* w 3o2bal ur sister very soon... Its very soothing... I hope you enjoy it, u know I was just telling a friend of mine I'd go back to keeping a normal paper/pencil diary but I kinda moved on and all i ever do is "pc oriented"