Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Today is Cherry's Birthday. She is turning 21 :D


And you know what? Everybody I know (and I mean it), is a virgo! September is like the birthday month for me.


Hawk said...

Your September is My July!!

Deeeeeee said...

Everyone pair I know is a gemini!

Cesario said...

A lot of people are virgos, my boss is a virgo, a lot of the people at work are virgos. I think it's a pandemic or something.
you know I hate virgos, but to tell you the truth,they don't deserve it.(I am a virgo aslan, so u can imagine)

m@hdeTo said...

interesting birthday! today was the day the french massacred their blue blooded vermin in celebration of the revolution! 3o2balna!!!

gjoe said...

Hawk: July dah mo3zam el nas cancer bayen?
Dee:LOL! mesh 3arfa leeh dayman badda7akny the gemini jokes
Cesario: leeh ya sina bass keda!! dah borg zareef geddan. I know so many virgos begad they are all THE SAME :D (maybe you are an exception :P)
M@hdeto: 7adasa fe mesl haza al yaom :D interesting!