Monday, October 23, 2006

TO The Most Annoying Person I Ever Heard About

Least Dear H,

I ll start and end by saying :i Hate u.. altho i never saw u.

ana hakkelam men el alb..bema ennak ull never read this isA...
u had one of a kind gurl ..u had a gift..u had the closest thing from heaven u can get..and u be3'ba2ak..w be 7aga tanya feek malhaash lessa esm..u lost all that..lost eh? danta u made sure hold it soo close.. untill she is attached..and then snitch it and throw it as far as away from u..
la2 w eeeh.. danta kaman u knew all that..and u used her.. u manipulated her feelings..FEELINGS..(look it up in the dictionary, i wont waste my time explaining..kefaya am wasting my time bashtem) ezzay te3mel keda? ezzay...i hate ppl who hurt my friends..specially the one u've hurt..w sa3at ba2ool le nafsy "ha ha ha.. dah 7emar dah walla eh.. he doesnt know what he's missing"
ana maslan.. when i have a stupid crush.. i take a while to get over it.. i rationalize..bass my friend..she loved u..LOVED..(look it up bardo ya stupid..bass look for "LOVE" men 3'eer el D ya 7emar).. she LOVED u..and u pushed her that way..ya3ny enta kont 3aref w kont ased..and she told u balash..and she told herslef balash.. basss ezzay w ezzay ba2a..u were soo selfish(akeed selfish deh ba2a enta 3arfha)..
ana lamma my friend kanet bet3od tekkalem about u..kont ba2ool le nafsy...if i was in her shoes..ill never fall in that trap..bass actually..i would..3ashan ur soo slick..ur such a manipulator..ur world revolves around you..
keep in mind..that kama todeeno todan..and some day..hat7'od 7ettet afa..and doesnt matter wether this day is soon or not..bass when it comes..u should be smart enoff to know dah zamb meen...
my friend? am not worried abt her..she is so sincere and so precious and she'll fine the ONE she deserves,,ur not the ONE..ur a miarge..ur fake..ur wala 7aga..
and to my friend ill say: be pateint..ull find HIME..the ONE that completes u the ONE u cant live without..the ONE ull be happy with..but most of all..the ONE who feels the same about U..the ONE who cherishes U..the ONE that u best of Luck!!
and as i promised u: i HATE u..from all my heart

Dedicated to My friend :D

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Deeeeeee said...

Very touching ya JouJou OMG, I've alwasy thought of you as my best friend, but this... OMG, I dont even deserve to feel this much better. I'm really grateful I have you!
Thanks Gjoe!